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The Wonderful Beaches of Antigua

As I'm sure you have found few Insurance companies are able to offer holiday and travel insurance if you have medical problems or are over a certain age. We are aware that many people still wish to travel and naturally want travel insurance. Finding companies that will help is time consuming and can be very difficult. In this web site we hope to simplify this and provide information covering a range of medical conditions with details of insurers ( Travel Insurance - My Medical Conditions ) who are willing to provide cover. So if you have a certain medical condition or are simply under 65 years or maybe over 65 years and require travel or holiday insurance, please view the:

'My Travel / Holiday Insurance' section by selecting this button at the top of this page. You will then be able to select medical information and Travel insurance companies available dependant on your age or a medical condition. In addition we can provide advice on Vaccinations and health information including reducing the risk of Deep Vein Thrombosis.

**Latest News**  Travel websites should highlight malaria risks

A recent article in the British Medical Journal ( 22nd January 2011) has highlighted the need for travellers going on holiday to take effective antimalarial medication and mosquito bite avoidance measures when going to areas where malaria is endemic.There have been three recent cases of people returning from the Gambia who became severely ill with malaria ( all three had made bookings through travel websites but had failed to take adequate medical advice). For full information please click here...

It is important to contact your doctor's surgery for advice before travelling to these regions as untreated, malaria is a potentially fatal condition.

Vaccination Records website


MyVaccs - Is a new free website which allows individuales and families to store confidential
records of their vaccination history online, thus providing a trusted and secure system allowing
you access to your records at your convenience. You can also quickly determine if you are covered
to travel to a particular country by viewing your records next to vaccination recommendations.
To view this web site click here or the logo.

Are you are travelling to destinations across the world and would like to quickly know what vaccinations are required? Try the MyVaccs widget tool below to quickly find out what vaccinations are required.

insurance 4 car hire

insurance 4 car hire - Annual European cover for just £49

For a low, annual premium, insurance 4 car hire provides excess insurance protecting the customer against excess charges whenever they rent a car. insurance4carehire.com also provide Europe and Worldwide policies for over 75 years. For more details please click here for Policies for 75 to 85 year olds

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